"...less about a diet and more about changing the way one thinks about food."

Why work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

  1. To help you make sense of the newest research and trends in nutrition, health and wellness.
  2. To learn from an expert with the highest level of nutrition counseling, education, training and experience.
  3. To experience accountability, which sets you up for success.
  4. To receive a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan and approach to meet your goals.
  5. To finally tackle food and behavioral weaknesses and become empowered with food in your life.


Working with Lara Metz has been truly life-changing. The philosophy is less about a diet and more about changing the way one thinks about food and feeling good about making great choices. Of course the results are important and motivating too! I lost 20 pounds and feel fantastic. Lara customized the program to fit my busy lifestyle of a working mom who travels and eats out a lot. She gave me tools that I will carry with me for life on planning my meals in advance and always being prepared with snacks. All in all a great experience and I would highly recommend Lara and her team to anyone wanting to learn how to eat and loose weight in a healthy way.


“Since I met Tiffany I have lost 40 pounds!”

Since I met Tiffany I have lost 40 pounds! I’m your typical busy, nyc mom of two, balancing work, kids and life; trying to do it all, except taking care of myself. I barely cooked, I was addicted to sugar, I ate way too late, I hated having to decide what was for dinner every night. I was tired of food, didn’t even have a favorite anymore. I needed help! Every time I would lose weight, I’d gain it back plus a little more. I knew something had to change. I needed to make myself a priority and make some serious lifestyle changes. And then I met Tiffany. She worked with me to make healthier food choices but there was so much more! She showed me the importance of eating empowered, drinking enough water, a “conscious indulgence” (my favorite), managing my stress, nurturing myself, sleeping enough, loving more, food journaling and of course, exercising. The goals that she set for me each visit were realistic and attainable. My weight loss was slow and steady. Tiffany gave me support and encouragement every step of the way. I’ve learned to love shopping for healthy foods, plan my meals, and I’m cooking again thanks to the recipes Tiffany would email me each week. She even helped me change the way I prepare meals for my picky-eater kidsI I take time for myself each day; to breathe, plan my meals, be present in my body as it is. I couldn’t be happier. I still haven’t made it to a yoga class but I’m working on that.

Thank you Tiffany!


“Stacia has taught me ways to conquer food fears and anxiety…”

It is hard to put into words what an incredible influence Stacia has been in my life. Stacia has taught me ways to conquer food fears and anxiety, introduce me to an easy to follow, comprehensive food plan but most of all she has empowered me to be the person I have been fighting to be for years.

Stacia has helped me to look at the way I eat in a new and inspiring way. She really took her time to get to know me so she could personalize my meal plan and cater to my needs. She is always accessible, extremely knowledgeable and beyond supportive.


“I feel so empowered after working with Lara”

So years of consuming anything and everything with reckless abandon finally caught up with me when I received a stern phone call from my doctor. My A1C (blood sugar) level was on the borderline of Type 2 diabetes. My doctor asked, ” do you really want to inject insulin?” She then recommended a nutritionist, Lara Metz. Her patients had achieved great results working with Lara. I immediately called and made an appointment with Lara.

Working with Lara has changed my life for the better. In 3 months, I was able to bring my blood sugar down to normal and I lost 14 pounds as an unexpected bonus. I had never given a second thought to what I ate in my entire life, weight was never an issue. Working with Lara didn’t seem like I was on a diet, it was more like getting an education about food and life choices. I feel so empowered after working with Lara. I always think of the lessons learned from Lara before I make a decision for every meal, snack or drink. I have tremendous respect and adoration for Lara. I look and feel better plus no insulin.

Thank You Lara!!


“She guided me, bite by bite, through a healthy pregnancy…”

Amanda at Lara Metz Nutrition is incredibly skilled at in tailoring nutrition plans for each individual client. She guided me, bite by bite, through a healthy pregnancy and helped me gain only a healthy, appropriate amount of weight. I follow an entirely plant-based diet, and Amanda carefully considers how I can maximize my nutrition and foster postpartum weight loss within those constraints. She is truly dedicated to the health of those with whom she works.


“…NOT ONLY an amazing nutritionist but a cheerleader as well”

Tiffany is not only an amazing nutritionist but a cheerleader as well. In a positive way we focused on the foods that I like to eat and she never said you can’t eat this or you can’t eat that…it took me 5 days to realize I didn’t eat any bread or pasta! She taught me to eat more healthy and portion control in such a positive way I now share with my husband and kids. I travel a lot for work so she helped me manage healthy eating on the road and on long plane rides. I also entertain a lot with clients so we focused on the right choices while dining out.
It wasn’t a diet that I went on its a way of life and 2 years later I still hear Tiffany’s voice saying, “If you are still hungry you can always have more vegetables!” And it makes me smile because it’s true.
I have more energy and feel less tired than I have in years! Tiffany is the best!


“As an aspiring actress…”

As an aspiring actress, my physical appearance is crucial in my success. I have battled a lifetime with food issues from being a picky eater as a little girl, to doing fad diets in high school, to stress eating late at night. Working with Amanda has made such a tremendously positive impact on my relationship with food, my career, my confidence, and my life. She has customized a plan that helps me reach my goals in a healthy and fun way with motivation that continues beyond our weekly sessions. I’m so grateful to finally find someone I fully trust to help change my relationship with food to a healthy and positive one.


“truly unparalleled…”

My nutritionist Amanda Buthmann and the Lara Metz Nutrition team as a whole are truly unparalleled in what they do.
Amanda is equal parts nutritional mentor and supporter: she is always available to help and guide and goes out of her way time and again to make sure that I stay on track and am feeling my best.

I would recommend Amanda and Lara Metz Nutrition to anyone who was looking for a boost in the nutritional aspect of their life — I am in better shape, a better eater, and more healthy than I’ve ever been in my life!