5 Favorite Tips to Keep Alcohol from Sabotaging Your Diet

We’re all guilty of partying a little too hard every once in a while. If you are worried that alcohol is derailing and keeping you from reaching your best nutrition potential, read on!

You don’t want to risk bloating, ruining your diet, disrupted sleep, a lousy workout tomorrow, a hangover, headache or nausea, so drink EMPOWERED.

  1. Start hydrated. Always order a glass of water with your alcoholic drink of choice. Down your H2O before tilting your wine glass, and for every alcoholic drink you sip, match it up with a glass of still or sparkling water.
  2. Make a plan. If it is hard for you to turn down a round of drinks, tell a friend that you are only planning on having one drink tonight. Putting voice to it will keep you from changing your mind, hold you accountable and empower you to stick to your wellness goals.
  3. Slow down. Really, really enjoy your drink by savoring it. Nobody is going to take it away from you and there’s no rush to move on. Just as you are mindful with your food, be mindful here. If the wine is flowing freely, and you find your glass is getting topped off at every sip, tell the host that you’ll give a wink when you’re ready for a refill.
  4. Stick to the unadorned. Sweet drinks, the ones with juice or soda, sugar and fruit are non-nutritive calorie bombs. The caffeine and alcohol rage is a wellness nightmare, so skip the soda or diet energy drink mixers, too. Choose:
    • 5 oz glass of wine (hard to measure when you are out, but take out your liquid measuring cup and eyeball a pour at home)
    • 1.5 oz spirit (again, measure)
    • 12 oz beer (phew, they come with labels)
    • Free “additions” are seltzer, lemon, lime & ice
  5. Have some fuel in your tank. Drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. It speeds up how quickly you feel the affect of the alcohol and lowers your inhibitions, which may make it harder to resist the nachos that your friends ordered. Besides that, it throws your blood sugar off and makes you feel terrible. Who needs that?!